Are You An ‘All Knowing’ Captain of Your Ship?

      If we think about what leaders are losing sleep about lately, it is their inability to share, with confidence, a long-term plan for their organization. An inability to stand up in front of their team and confidently state, “I know what obstacles...

      Creativity And Confidence As a Leader

      “I’m not very creative!” Are you one of those people who uses this phrase often? What is this thing called ‘creativity’ and how can your confidence level in your creativity impact your leadership and your teams performance? 

      I Am Biased: Change Starts With Me

      There are many necessary and uncomfortable conversations occurring in the world right now. There are many opinions and perspectives. There are people that want to support each other and don’t know how. 

      Sustainable Leadership: How to “Turn it Off” When You Leave the Office

      Most leaders have a very hard time turning things off. We have heard even more struggle with this as people are working remotely. Not only does technology make it possible to stay connected all the time but their office is now only steps away.  

      The Two Inseparables: Leadership and Values

      I’ve heard the phrase “Nothing like a crisis to make a leader’s true colours shine!” quite a bit over the past couple of months. We have seen it in the media. Some world leaders are calmly and steadily navigating while others are leading in a...

      Leadership Generosity

      "What's the business case for generosity?"

      What a great question! This is one of the questions posed in this article that was written many years ago however seems even more relevant today!

      Leading With Care and Compassion

      A common phrase being thrown about during this pandemic is that ‘we are all in this together’ and ‘we are all experiencing the same disruption’. This could not be further from the truth.

      The Courage to Pause


      Must Have: Agility and Adaptability in Remote Teams

      Conversations among leaders worldwide has shifted from crisis management to looking forward…seeing opportunities for new ways of working effectively and creatively with their teams.

      The Power of Language

      An important step in moving through change is truly connecting with a different future.

      Part of forming that connection is putting your beliefs and thoughts into language to share the 'future story' with yourself and others.

      Think about any goal...