What is the ROI of Coaching

      Human development, especially in a leadership context, is often subtle and gradual, punctuated by moments of profound insight.

      While the results of skills training can often be seen immediately, growing your leadership skills often takes years, which means it can be difficult to measure and report ROI.

      And when HR leaders are looking to invest in leadership development, they want to know that there will be a return on that investment.

      It’s easy to create a graph that identifies how many training courses someone took or how they have progressed through levels of certification.

      If one of these boxes is checked, does it mean there was good ROI?

      How does that training or certification translate into their growth and development as a leader?


      Is it even possible to measure the impact of coaching?

      One of the most powerful things about leadership coaching is how personalized and client-driven it is. When clients are free to table the issues that are most important to them, the coach can drive powerful conversations about those topics to create deep and meaningful change.

      This is all part of the coaching process, which is managed so that each session supports the larger objectives of the coaching program.

      Given the open-ended nature of coaching, there is a lot of discussion about whether or not a coach (or coaching company) can accurately measure if a person or team is benefiting from the coaching experience.

      “You mean our leaders can talk about anything during these calls? And the calls are confidential? How can we possibly measure that?


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      We Focus on Measuring Impact

      At Epiphany, we take our partnership with HR leaders and organizations seriously when it comes to measuring ROI.

      We have developed structures and frameworks to create accountability with our coaching clients as well as several processes to measure the effectiveness of our leadership development programs.

      The following showcases one example of many we could share:

      The Program:

      Leading Virtually Microsoft Women@Microsoft Latam (Latin America) Coaching Program

      The Goal:

      We created a coaching program to support leaders at Microsoft to navigate leading and working remotely during challenging times.

      The Women@Microsoft Latin America Leadership Coaching Program was specifically designed to support leadership skills, managing teams and driving impact remotely as well as creating success and generating energy during challenging times.

      The Solution:

      We partnered with Giuliana Figueiredo, Marketing and Operations Director of Caribbean and Women at Microsoft – Latam [Latin America] Lead and her team to create an agile, flexible and easy solution to implement for the large team quickly across the region.

      We collaborated all along the way to host the calls, bring relevant content and provide monthly usage reports and track success.

      Several Virtual Group Coaching Sessions were offered that gave hundreds of female leaders the opportunity to connect, share best practices and support each other through the challenges of the pandemic.

      Plus 50 leaders were invited to participate in virtual 1:1 coaching to support a specific leadership topic of their choice.

      The ROI:

      The group sessions were well attended across all three sessions with hundreds of male and female leaders actively participating and exchanging their own stories and ideas.

      Leaders felt supported, validated, they had a space to connect and they learned new strategies together.

      In the 1:1 coaching, we had 100% satisfaction and 4.95/5 coach ratings.

      The top 5 topics for coaching were:

      Hear it from our clients

      The most effective organizational coaching programs are able to embed the open-ended nature of coaching within a strong structure.

      The collection and use of data not only enhances the coaching experience, but provides a wealth of valuable information about both program and leadership performance.

      While it’s great to have a strong system that supports the HR leaders we work with to showcase the ROI of coaching to their organizations, it’s also great to hear from our clients the positive impact the coaching experience has had on their development.

      • “I never knew how much of a positive impact that coaching could have on my ability to lead. My confidence as a leader has increased exponentially and I now have the tools to be the kind of leader that I have always wanted to be!”

      • “I think the team at Epiphany is excellent. The skills and knowledge I have gained through their sessions and 1:1 coaching is invaluable to my leadership development."

      • "Thank you to the Epiphany Team for an excellent experience that will benefit me in the short and long term. Was an absolute pleasure.”


      To learn about our leadership development programs and how they can help your organization, download our free executive coaching guide here:

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