Tips for Preventing Work-From-Home Fatigue

      With so many people learning how to work from home due to COVID, we are all starting to experience the same problems simultaneously.

      One looming issue we all seem to face is fatigue. Whether you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall or are losing your inspiration, this feeling of exhaustion is a real issue that we need to avoid.

      If you haven’t gone through this yet, then you need to read our tips for preventing work-from-home fatigue. Even if you have gone through a burnout yourself, this list will hopefully prevent you from hitting one again.

      Utilize Your Breaks

      If you aren’t taking breaks from your work during that day or are working through your lunch, you need to stop that immediately.

      Overworking yourself is the main cause of fatigue. Even though you might think that you can take it, your body and mind will disagree.

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      If your job offers or recommends that you take a couple of 15-minute breaks throughout the day, make the most of them. Use that time to take a short walk, run a quick errand, or even do some yoga. Try not to just sit around for that time. Be productive, and do something to get your mind off of your work.

      Stop Working so Much

      When working from home, you may feel more tempted to work overtime—regardless of if you’re on the clock or not. This is also not a good idea and will lead to overworking yourself and eventually becoming fatigued.

      Once the clock strikes five, punch out—then, enjoy the rest of your day. If you have a big project coming up, make time for it during your work hours by either moving other projects back or delegating them to people who have some extra time on their hands. Avoid working on weekends at all costs.

      If you still feel overworked after all of that, find some time to take a day or two off. Even something as simple as turning a two-day weekend into a three-day one will help you avoid burnout.

      Change Things Up

      Our final tip for preventing work-from-home fatigue is to shake up your routine. A lot of fatigue-related issues stem from a stagnant work environment.

      When you were in the office, things were always moving and changing. Now that you’re at home, your days stay pretty much the same. That’s why you need to freshen your routine up.

      Maybe start your day with a walk before you sit down to work. Consider making yourself a fancy lunch. You could also try upgrading your home office.

      There are tons of things that you can change to keep your office updated and lively. Regardless of what you feel works for your needs, doing something outside of the norm will help you avoid that work-from-home fatigue that we are all slowly falling toward.

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