Wellness in the Workplace: Just a Fad or a Strong Business Strategy?

      Many leaders we work with report the stress of having too much to do and not enough time or resources. When asked about taking vacation or days off to rejuvenate and de-stress many report they feel they will just have more work to do when they get...

      Stepping Off the Fast Track…Is It Possible to Get Back on the Train?

      There has been a theme in my conversations with leaders this past week…several executives talked about being content with where they are at in their careers. Their priorities have shifted. Goals they set years ago are suddenly not as important as...

      What Do You Value?

      Before taking my coaching courses, I never gave much thought about what my values were. I remember that my parents taught me right from wrong and being raised in Quebec, we did go to Church on Sunday where I learned about being nice to others,...


      Wellness is a common topic with my clients. This might be about physical health, stress, time and much more. A simple wellness reminder I keep top of mind is MEDS. I picked this up from blogger extraordinaire,  Nicholas Bate.

      A Day of Rest

      A day of rest, usually through association with a religious Sabbath day, used to be the norm. With decline in attendance for most major religions, Sunday shopping and our 7/24 culture, the idea of day of rest seems all but gone. In his latest book,...



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