What is leadership development? Why should your organization care about it?

      “Leadership Development” is one of those terms that a lot of people use, but not a lot of people can accurately define. This is because, generally speaking, it’s a broad term that describes a wide variety of initiatives and activities.  

      Why it’s smart to prepare your senior employees for retirement with coaching

      If you examine the demographics of today’s workplace, it quickly becomes obvious that there are some big changes that will be happening over the next ten years. According to the Washington Post, over 10,000 baby boomers retire every day – that’s...

      3 signs your organization needs a coaching program

      The challenges that most organizations have with attracting, retaining, and developing top talent can’t be addressed by training alone. Because of this, more and more organizations are implementing coaching programs in order to help employees reach...

      Organizations Vs. Individuals

      You’re frustrated yet again over all the bureaucracy in your workplace.  Before you throw up your hands and record it in your mind as yet another piece of evidence that the world is unfair, take a moment to step back.  What part of the situation in...



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