Want to be more influential? Share context.

      Influence is key for many of our coaching clients. Leaders work hard to gain more influence and impact. It can be the difference between great collaboration and strong results versus disengaged teams and mediocre performance.

      Are you an inclusive leader?

      The most effective leaders are able to find ways for all of their employees to be involved in the planning and execution of key projects and change initiatives… and it’s paying off.

      How to be influential: Be Human

      This is the second post in a series of articles about influence.

      How to be influential: Recognizing when authority won’t work

      This is the first of a series of articles about influence.

      What to do when you are the leader and you don’t have the answer

      Most organizations rely on you, a senior leader, to have answers. You have access to information, resources, experience; so it seems natural to expect that you will have the answers all the time. After all, they did invite into the role and pay you...

      6 leadership questions to ask yourself as 2016 wraps up

      Taking time to reflect on your year brings great value. Reflection gives you perspective, focus and gratitude to enjoy who you are and what you have created for yourself. It also points you to what you want for the future so that you can...

      8 Ways to Be A Transparent Leader

      Transparency in leadership is a relatively new idea.  In the past, we were taught to hold our cards closely and not to be vulnerable because it was weak.  We know today that the opposite is true.  Yes, we need to attach a level of appropriateness to...

      The Value of Connection

      I once heard a very seasoned CEO comment about the fact that when he achieved his first CEO position two very strange things happened; suddenly, he was never wrong, and his jokes got funnier! We’ve all heard the statement “it’s lonely at the top”...

      Leadership Generosity

      I don't know how many of you follow Fast Company magazine. If you don't and you are into innovation and progressive thinking you might want to! Anyway, today has been renamed Generosity Day (see article for more info....

      Leading with Positive Intention – Part 2

      So the concept Paul and I are working on is this…can the way you think actually change the way you lead your team, thus change the culture of your organization? I was excited to check in with Paul this week to see how he made out with his “positive...



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