Ungrateful Worker or Biased Leadership? Which side are you on?

      I was working with a very smart, visionary, driven young business unit General ManagerAnsel originally reached out for help to ‘fix’ his second in command, George

      Hbegan the conversation by sharing the struggles he was having. He identified...

      Who Is The Ideal Executive Coaching Candidate?

      HR professionalhave to make a lot of decisions when it comes to investing their organization’s development dollars.

      Investing is exactly what they are doing with their budget.

      The Value of Support and Perspective Through Coaching

      A very seasoned CEO once commented that when he achieved his first CEO position, two very strange things happened:

      • suddenly, he was never wrong
      • and his jokes got funnier!

      Are You Seeking to Prove Yourself Wrong?

      The answer to the question posed above for most of us is a resounding NO!   

      Using Coaching Skills To Lead With More Influence

      Influence is all about the ability to persuade others without the use of authority or force. It is the ability to create “win-win” scenarios.

      It requires trust and the creation of a shared vision of success, and enables leaders to have impact in...

      3 Ways To Challenge Your Perspective As An HR Manager

      I was speaking with an HR Director this weekHe was sharing that he needed to rethink the role of his HR department. 

      The question he was asking himself was, “How do we break out of our traditional way of viewing Learning & Development (L&D) to...

      The Importance of Coaching in Succession Planning

      During a strategic planning session with an executive leadership team, the SWOT analysis revealed a large number of leaders in the organization were 5-7 years away from retirement. When this fact was highlighted, the team realized they had a huge...

      How to Support Senior Leaders in New Roles

      It’s an interesting phenomena in organizations. When you hire an external candidate there is usually a very thorough and supportive orientation program.

      Why Coaching Should Be On Your 2021 Goals List

      For anyone who has set goals, whether they are really big ones or small ones, they will often talk about what makes them successful in achieving them…and almost always it has to do with accountability and having someone to talk it out with...

      How Are You Shaping Your Story?

      It’s been an interesting time to read and listen to people’s perspectives on moving from 2020 to 2021. I must admit I’m not much of a ‘new years’ person.

      The concept of making grand goals that I know I will likely not follow through on is...