Unconscious Bias Part 1: Are You Seeking to Prove Yourself Wrong?

      The answer to the question posed above for most of us is a resounding NO!   

      Lead With More Influence & Impact

      Leaders wear different hats for different situations. Situational awareness is an extremely important leadership skill.

      If there is a fire in the building or a critical decision that requires an immediate answer, a leader needs to put on their...

      Optimism and Wellness

      Don’t Worry…Be Happy!  This song, by Bobby McFerrin, came out in 1988. It paints a picture that if you worry your troubles will doubleso don’t worry, just be happy! 

      The Two Inseparables: Leadership and Values

      I’ve heard the phrase “Nothing like a crisis to make a leader’s true colours shine!” quite a bit over the past couple of months. We have seen it in the media. Some world leaders are calmly and steadily navigating while others are leading in a...

      Leadership Generosity

      "What's the business case for generosity?"

      What a great question! This is one of the questions posed in this article that was written many years ago however seems even more relevant today!

      How Generosity Can Improve Your Company Culture

      Do You... ‘Do You’?

      In conversation with several leaders over the past few weeks the topic of trying to ‘fit in’ and become a well-rounded leader has come up frequently. One leader was interviewing for a new position in a different department and struggled with...

      What's the ROI of coaching your front-line leaders?

      Leadership coaching is often reserved exclusively for senior leaders and management-track employees. People who are in high-stakes, high-complexity roles derive obvious and immediate benefits from coaching. Influence, executive presence, and...

      Want a coaching culture in your organization? It starts from the top.

      Over the past two decades, coaching has been embraced by organizations for its unique impact on leadership development. Given that many senior leaders have experienced the power of coaching in some form, it makes sense that they would try to find...

      There's more than one type of "coaching culture"

      Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of organizations that are talking about their desire to implement a “coaching culture”.