Leaders Don't Need Executive Goals - They Create Tunnel Vision!

      I’m going to make a humble and transparent acknowledgment. As a coach I used to feel like such a fraud when I worked with clients who are most excellent goal setters.


      You know the people I am talking about, the ones who set very specific goals...

      2 Strategies Leaders Can Use To Build Commitment In Their Teams

      How many times do you see people sit in a meeting (virtual or otherwise) and say they are committed to a decision or direction and then leave the meeting and their behavior clearly shows they are not.

      They roll their eyes in agreement when their...

      How To Be An Inclusive Leader

      The most effective leaders are able to find ways for all of their employees to be involved in the planning and execution of key projects and change initiatives… and it’s paying off.

      4 Ways To Feel More in Control

      This year has been year where many things have been confusing and outside our control.Most of us around the world have been operating under many restrictions imposed by governments and businesses. 

      It has spurred on many, many conversations ...

      How To Keep Christmas Fun During Covid

      Ahhh December! For those around the world that celebrate some sort of December holiday, this is the month that can be super exciting, full of good cheer, and a time of fun family and friend connections.

      Or… it can be a very challenging month full...

      Tips For Increasing Your Visibility While Working Remotely

      My circle has shrunk…how do I expand it working from home? 

      For some this is new…the longer you have been working from home the more you are noticing how much you miss the chance encounters in the hall or the lunchroom or the elevator.  

      For Overachievers and Perfectionists

      This blog is intended for leaders who are or who supervise overachievers and perfectionists. If you are not one of those…you may find it interesting anyway! 

      Are You An ‘All Knowing’ Captain of Your Ship?

      If we think about what leaders are losing sleep about lately, it is their inability to share, with confidence, a long-term plan for their organization. An inability to stand up in front of their team and confidently state, “I know what obstacles...

      I Am Biased: Change Starts With Me

      There are many necessary and uncomfortable conversations occurring in the world right now. There are many opinions and perspectives. There are people that want to support each other and don’t know how. 

      The Two Inseparables: Leadership and Values

      I’ve heard the phrase “Nothing like a crisis to make a leader’s true colours shine!” quite a bit over the past couple of months. We have seen it in the media. Some world leaders are calmly and steadily navigating while others are leading in a...