Leading through change: The importance of engaging key stakeholders

      Several years ago, Harvard Business Review released a paper by John Kotter called “Why Transformational Efforts Fail”. By studying the process and outcomes of change initiatives in over 100 companies, he identified eight errors that leaders and...

      Leadership starts with you

      On January 21st, millions of people rallied in support of the Women’s March. While the ‘official’ march in Washington, DC drew a crowd of 500,000 people, it is estimated that 673 similar marches were held around the world.

      Leading with Positive Intention – Part 2

      So the concept Paul and I are working on is this…can the way you think actually change the way you lead your team, thus change the culture of your organization? I was excited to check in with Paul this week to see how he made out with his “positive...

      Leading with Positive Intention – Part 1

      Think about your day yesterday…how many times did you think positively about a team member vs. think about how that person was not living up to your expectations…wasn’t trying hard enough…didn’t care about the outcome as much as you? The list can go...



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