3 Easy Questions to Connect with High-Potential Employees

      Yesterday, I met with the President of an international construction company.  We were discussing his desire to provide better mentorship to some high-potential young leaders in the company and yet he was challenged with the scarcity of time he...

      How transparency can improve retention of Millennials & Gen Z

      One of the most urgent issues for many organizations is the retention of younger employees, who are needed to fill the leadership gaps left by retiring Baby Boomers.

      Identifying High Potential Employees

      The demographics of today’s workforce present several unique challenges for organizations. Not only are tens of thousands of baby boomers retiring every day, but the younger employees that should be taking up crucial leadership roles are notoriously...

      How leadership development programs help organizations attract and retain high potential employees

      High-potential employees are, plainly speaking, the future of any organization. In the present, they are the star performers who drive business results and bring new ideas to the table. In the future, they will be the ones to lead your organization...

      Who should receive coaching in your organization?

      The challenges that most organizations have with attracting, retaining, and developing top talent are not best addressed by training alone. More and more organizations are implementing coaching programs in order to help employees reach their full...



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