Video: The Myth of the Indispensable Leader

      Want to be more influential? Share context.

      Influence is key for many of our coaching clients. Leaders work hard to gain more influence and impact. It can be the difference between great collaboration and strong results versus disengaged teams and mediocre performance.

      What to do when you are the leader and you don’t have the answer

      Most organizations rely on you, a senior leader, to have answers. You have access to information, resources, experience; so it seems natural to expect that you will have the answers all the time. After all, they did invite into the role and pay you...

      Some straightforward advice for improving your town halls, presentations, and meetings

      For many leaders, giving a town hall presentation can be one of the most difficult things they do all year. Speaking at a town hall meeting is one of the best ways to get employees engaged with your strategy and initiatives, but on the other hand,...