Is The Pandemic Drawing Your Employees Apart?

      George is a 25-year employee who has steadily risen through the organization to become a General Manager of one of the company divisions.

      How to Choose the Perfect Executive Coach

      The coaching relationship is a special relationship. It is a relationship that can only be successful if there is trust, openness and connection between the coach and the coachee.

      Coaching Wan: A High Potential Success Story

      Wan is a high performer in his Business Unit which is part of a large international engineering firm. From the time he started with the organization he proved to be a fast learner and embraced taking on more responsibility with bigger, more ...

      How to Attract and Retain High Potential Employees

      Let’s face facts. High-potential employees are the future of any organization.

      In the present, they are the star performers who drive business results and bring new ideas to the table.

      In the future, they will be the ones to lead your...

      The Value of Support and Perspective Through Coaching

      A very seasoned CEO once commented that when he achieved his first CEO position, two very strange things happened:

      • suddenly, he was never wrong
      • and his jokes got funnier!

      Executive Coaching vs Mentoring

      I have had the extreme pleasure of working with many young entrepreneurs throughout my years of coaching.  One of the topics that always comes up is the importance of surrounding themselves with their own ‘personal board of directors’…those...

      Case Study: What does a data-driven approach to leadership coaching look like?

      Human development, especially in a leadership context, is often subtle and gradual, punctuated by moments of profound insight. Unlike training-driven skills acquisition, this type of growth often takes years, which means it can be difficult to...

      3 signs your organization needs a coaching program

      The challenges that most organizations have with attracting, retaining, and developing top talent can’t be addressed by training alone. Because of this, more and more organizations are implementing coaching programs in order to help employees reach...

      Getting Value from Coaching: Don’t Impress, Try New Things Instead

      One of the reasons coaching has such an incredible impact on performance is because it is a 100% confidential environment. This means that people can speak to their coaches about any topic, without any filters, and explore new ideas safely. For many...

      Baseball's New Coaching Approach

      "Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical" - Yogi Berra