Unconscious Bias Part 1: Are You Seeking to Prove Yourself Wrong?

      The answer to the question posed above for most of us is a resounding NO!   

      For Overachievers and Perfectionists

      This blog is intended for leaders who are or who supervise overachievers and perfectionists. If you are not one of those…you may find it interesting anyway! 

      Extroverted & Introverted Personality Types: Myths & Reality

      A question we hear often is, “Who makes the best leader?” or “Is there a personality type that predicts the best chances for success in leadership? 

      Feedback for Success: Candor Without Blame

      Joe, you always show up late.” 

      Heather, you never speak up during meetings.” 

      Blair, your team is always late with their deliverables.” 


      How often have you heard this kind of feedback being delivered, or perhaps you hear yourself using ...

      Lead With More Influence & Impact

      Leaders wear different hats for different situations. Situational awareness is an extremely important leadership skill.

      If there is a fire in the building or a critical decision that requires an immediate answer, a leader needs to put on their...

      Optimism and Wellness

      Don’t Worry…Be Happy!  This song, by Bobby McFerrin, came out in 1988. It paints a picture that if you worry your troubles will doubleso don’t worry, just be happy! 

      Are You An ‘All Knowing’ Captain of Your Ship?

      If we think about what leaders are losing sleep about lately, it is their inability to share, with confidence, a long-term plan for their organization. An inability to stand up in front of their team and confidently state, “I know what obstacles...

      Creativity And Confidence As a Leader

      “I’m not very creative!” Are you one of those people who uses this phrase often? What is this thing called ‘creativity’ and how can your confidence level in your creativity impact your leadership and your teams performance? 

      I Am Biased: Change Starts With Me

      There are many necessary and uncomfortable conversations occurring in the world right now. There are many opinions and perspectives. There are people that want to support each other and don’t know how. 

      Sustainable Leadership: How to “Turn it Off” When You Leave the Office

      Most leaders have a very hard time turning things off. We have heard even more struggle with this as people are working remotely. Not only does technology make it possible to stay connected all the time but their office is now only steps away.