Leadership Generosity

      "What's the business case for generosity?"

      What a great question! This is one of the questions posed in this article that was written many years ago however seems even more relevant today!

      Leading With Care and Compassion

      A common phrase being thrown about during this pandemic is that ‘we are all in this together’ and ‘we are all experiencing the same disruption’. This could not be further from the truth.

      The Courage to Pause


      Must Have: Agility and Adaptability in Remote Teams

      Conversations among leaders worldwide has shifted from crisis management to looking forward…seeing opportunities for new ways of working effectively and creatively with their teams.

      The Power of Language

      An important step in moving through change is truly connecting with a different future.

      Part of forming that connection is putting your beliefs and thoughts into language to share the 'future story' with yourself and others.

      Think about any goal...

      Leading Teams Virtually: Creating Possibility

      Pre-covid challenges are now turning into opportunities for many businesses to master efficiencies, shift practices and engage their front-line employees in creative thinking and problem solving at a level they have not engaged in before.

      Creating Safety for Your Team

      Safety has perhaps never been more talked about in (virtual) boardrooms around the world than it is right now. The ‘fear factor’ has been heightened for most people on so many levels…physical, emotional, financial, career, etc.

      What's Your New Working-Remotely Rhythm?

      Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring how to support leaders to create a ‘new rhythm’ for themselves and with their teams. A couple of key concepts that leaders are finding useful are models that help us stay connected with the normalcy...

      COVID-19, Top Trends Across Virtual Leadership Issues, and Virtual Leadership Best Practices

      In this blog we'll share the top issues we're seeing around Leading Remote Teams and a few recommendations you can implement right now to better lead your team virtually. 

      Given the current world situation regarding the outbreak of COVID-19...

      Leadership: Ensuring a Committed Team (Through Troubled Times)

      How many times do you see people sit in a meeting (virtual or otherwise) and say they are committed to a decision or direction and then leave the meeting and their behavior clearly shows they are not.

      They roll their eyes in agreement when their...