Friction, Factions and Fatigue As a Leader

      The last couple of weeks have highlighted the 3 F’s of leadership!

       I know, I know…there are really 4 F’s but you all know what the fourth one is, so I’ll just focus on 3 for now! 

      Virtual Executive Coaching and Learning & Development: How Well Does it Work?

      As we move into the fall season it tends to be a peak time of year for training and development conversations. It’s kind of like back to school for children and young adults is a signal to businesses that we should be offering learning...

      How to Grow Your High Potentials

      It’s one thing to identify a high potential employee (HiPo) on your team.

      It’s another thing to keep that person engaged. 

      How To Identify Your High Potentials

      In some organizations September and October are kind of like the beginning of a school semester. All the new recruits have come in, perhaps fresh from College and University. They are bright and eager and ready to show what they can do.

      As a...

      Executive Coaching vs Mentoring

      I have had the extreme pleasure of working with many young entrepreneurs throughout my years of coaching.  One of the topics that always comes up is the importance of surrounding themselves with their own ‘personal board of directors’…those...

      Self Care As an Executive Leader

      During several executive leadership team coaching sessions over the past month the topic of leadership fatigue and self-care has been a prominent topic. 

      We have been hearing things like: 

      Parenting & Leadership: Leading Through Trauma

      We coach many executives in high stress roles, struggling to cope with a combination of work from home employees and those that are slowly coming back into the office. 

      They are worried about their teams’ performance and they are worried for...

      Unconscious Bias Part 2: How Do I Play The Blame Game?

      We are constantly under the influence of many biases. These biases are like invisible beings that distort our perceptions, impact our decision making, influence our beliefs about others and cause us to make judgments of others on a daily basis.  

      How to Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching

      If you speak with anyone who has gone through a successful Executive Coaching program, they will tell you it accelerates how fast you reach your goals, no matter what the goal is. 

      Working with a professional coach gives you the opportunity to...

      Tips For Increasing Your Visibility While Working Remotely

      My circle has shrunk…how do I expand it working from home? 

      For some this is new…the longer you have been working from home the more you are noticing how much you miss the chance encounters in the hall or the lunchroom or the elevator.