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      Do You... ‘Do You’?

      In conversation with several leaders over the past few weeks the topic of trying to ‘fit in’ and become a well-rounded leader has come up frequently. One leader was interviewing for a new position in a different department and struggled with...

      Effective Teams Drive Results AND Build Relationships

      The leaders we work with are constantly focused on driving change and growing the business which means they need to instill this vision into their teams. In order to do this many leaders focus their attention on bringing together the best talent and...

      Wellness in the Workplace: Just a Fad or a Strong Business Strategy?

      Many leaders we work with report the stress of having too much to do and not enough time or resources. When asked about taking vacation or days off to rejuvenate and de-stress many report they feel they will just have more work to do when they get...

      The Power Of Celebration In The Workplace

      It is summertime here in Canada and that puts us in the mood to celebrate and appreciate the warmer weather!

      What's the ROI of coaching your front-line leaders?

      Leadership coaching is often reserved exclusively for senior leaders and management-track employees. People who are in high-stakes, high-complexity roles derive obvious and immediate benefits from coaching. Influence, executive presence, and...

      Want a coaching culture in your organization? It starts from the top.

      Over the past two decades, coaching has been embraced by organizations for its unique impact on leadership development. Given that many senior leaders have experienced the power of coaching in some form, it makes sense that they would try to find...

      There's more than one type of "coaching culture"

      Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of organizations that are talking about their desire to implement a “coaching culture”.

      Why having coaching skills makes leaders more influential and impactful

      Influence is all about the ability to persuade others without the use of authority or force. It is the ability to create “win-win” scenarios. It requires trust and the creation of a shared vision of success, and enables leaders to have impact in...

      What is a coaching culture? How is it different from other types of company cultures?

      Since 2001, we’ve coached leaders in organizations at the forefront of the digital revolution, such as Microsoft and HP. Over this time, we’ve seen how the threat of disruption and the need to innovate have driven new ways of doing business.

      Identifying High Potential Employees

      The demographics of today’s workforce present several unique challenges for organizations. Not only are tens of thousands of baby boomers retiring every day, but the younger employees that should be taking up crucial leadership roles are notoriously...



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