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      Conflict With a Co-Worker? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Achieve Mutual Success

      Have you ever got stuck in your own story?

      You know the one, the one where you are right, and the other person is wrong?

      The one where you know better and the other person just doesn’t get it? 

      The one where it wasn’t your fault and you are...

      How To Use Vulnerability To Improve Your Office Relationships

      How often do you feel your leadership team could be so much more effective and dynamic if only people were able to take more risks in their conversations with each other? ...more challenging the status quo, or dealing with a repetitive issue, or...

      How To Stay Adaptable as a Remote Team

      Conversations among leaders worldwide have shifted from crisis management to looking forward…seeing opportunities for new ways of working effectively and creatively with their teams.

      The Importance of Coaching in Succession Planning

      During a strategic planning session with an executive leadership team, the SWOT analysis revealed a large number of leaders in the organization were 5-7 years away from retirement. When this fact was highlighted, the team realized they had a huge...

      How to Support Senior Leaders in New Roles

      It’s an interesting phenomena in organizations. When you hire an external candidate there is usually a very thorough and supportive orientation program.

      Do Your Key Leaders Have Growth Opportunities?

      For many organizations, this time of year includes career discussions with employees. This can range from “What’s your next role?” to “Where do you want to be in three to five years?” 

      Why Coaching Should Be On Your 2021 Goals List

      For anyone who has set goals, whether they are really big ones or small ones, they will often talk about what makes them successful in achieving them…and almost always it has to do with accountability and having someone to talk it out with...

      How Are You Shaping Your Story?

      It’s been an interesting time to read and listen to people’s perspectives on moving from 2020 to 2021. I must admit I’m not much of a ‘new years’ person.

      The concept of making grand goals that I know I will likely not follow through on is...

      Reflecting and Moving Forward

      Well, 2020 was a doozie!!! 

      How To Approach Judgement

      I came across this story recently and thought it was fitting as we enter the holiday season and reflect on the past year.