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      How "Button Pushers" can be Amazing Teachers

      Recently I was facilitating a team meeting on the topic of Change Management and one of the participants was not happy with the way things were shaping up.  Her world was being rocked and she wanted to assert herself as the covert leader of the...

      Re-framing: You vs. Your Boss

      We have all had ‘that boss’, you know the one...the one you don’t particularly like...the one who doesn’t get you…the one who doesn’t seem to recognize your talents and contribution…the one that appears to be out for their own gain.A Gallup study...

      The Power of Thanks: 4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Work and Life

      I don’t know about you, but I remember as a kid the overwhelming number of times I would ask for something from my parents and they would throw back at me, “Be thankful for what you have!”  As a child I just figured my parents were cheap and they...

      Using Fallibility As a Leader in Today's Workplace

      When was the last time you admitted making a mistake or admitted you are not good at something? When was the last time you asked for or allowed someone to help you?

      3 Easy Evidence-based Ways to Boost your Wellness Factor

      World Wellness Weekend is a global movement that was celebrated in 100 countries across all continents on September 21 & 22, 2019. The premise is to introduce millions of people with FUN & creative activities to encourage people to shift their...

      3 Ways to Challenge Your Perspective

      Recently I received a strong message about seeing things from a different perspective.

      I am fortunate to live in an area that has an abundance of forests. I was hiking with a friend last Sunday and we had chosen a trail that was 4 km long.

      How To Accept and Leverage Constructive Feedback: Distance vs. Connection

      If someone asked you if your behaviour creates emotional distance with others how would you answer?

      How Generosity Can Improve Your Company Culture

      Do You... ‘Do You’?

      In conversation with several leaders over the past few weeks the topic of trying to ‘fit in’ and become a well-rounded leader has come up frequently. One leader was interviewing for a new position in a different department and struggled with...

      Effective Teams Drive Results AND Build Relationships

      The leaders we work with are constantly focused on driving change and growing the business which means they need to instill this vision into their teams. In order to do this many leaders focus their attention on bringing together the best talent and...



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