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      Why Your Organization Needs A Coaching Culture In 2021

      What is a coaching culture?  

      Since 2001, we’ve coached leaders in organizations at the forefront of the digital revolution, such as Microsoft and HP.

      Over this time, and especially during the past year, we’ve seen how the threat of disruption...

      Can You Be Too Optimistic As A Leader?

      Langdon is a senior leader who has very strong relationship skills. He is well liked by his direct reports and his peers. 

      Strong Relationship Skills Drive Power and Influence

      Year after year, the top coaching priority for our clients is having more influence.

      Leaders in every industry and at many different levels in an organization understand the value and importance of developing the ability to informally influence...

      Coaching Marta: A Leadership Coaching Success Story

      Marta is a high performing Senior Project Manager who has very high standards for herself and others. The organization sees huge potential in her and would like to see Marta grow into a higher responsibility leadership position.

      Marta’s biggest...

      Long-Term Goals: How Important Are They For Leaders?

      Clients new to coaching sometimes struggle with understanding how to get the most impact out of each session.

      One of the most common pitfalls clients have is thinking they need to focus on short-term objectives and emergencies rather than...

      Success Story: 1:1 Coaching For a Leader in a New Role

      Gurdeep jumped into his new management position with energy and lots of new ideas. Six months in it was easy to see he was struggling. 

      His manager noted an increase in his impatient attitude with his direct reportsHis demeanor was coming...

      How to Get High Value from Executive Coaching

      Relationships are the new technology for success. Coaching supports leaders to be in good relationships with themselves and with others.

      A coach can definitely help. That said, you have a role to play in getting high value from the coaching...

      Ungrateful Worker or Biased Leadership? Which side are you on?

      I was working with a very smart, visionary, driven young business unit General ManagerAnsel originally reached out for help to ‘fix’ his second in command, George

      Hbegan the conversation by sharing the struggles he was having. He identified...

      How to Choose the Perfect Executive Coach

      The coaching relationship is a special relationship. It is a relationship that can only be successful if there is trust, openness and connection between the coach and the coachee.

      Standing in Solidarity With Our Asian Communities

      I am a second generation Canadian. My parents were born and raised in Canada. I am of European descent.