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      How leadership development programs help organizations attract and retain high potential employees

      High-potential employees are, plainly speaking, the future of any organization. In the present, they are the star performers who drive business results and bring new ideas to the table. In the future, they will be the ones to lead your organization...

      What is leadership development? Why should your organization care about it?

      “Leadership Development” is one of those terms that a lot of people use, but not a lot of people can accurately define. This is because, generally speaking, it’s a broad term that describes a wide variety of initiatives and activities.  

      New eBook Release: How to Design a Leadership Development Program

      For organizations to grow, innovate, and compete in today's fast-paced business environment, they must continually invest in their people: studies have shown that organizations with robust leadership development programs drive better business...

      Why it’s smart to prepare your senior employees for retirement with coaching

      If you examine the demographics of today’s workplace, it quickly becomes obvious that there are some big changes that will be happening over the next ten years. According to the Washington Post, over 10,000 baby boomers retire every day – that’s...

      Cheryl Breukelman talks coaching on the Business Innovators Radio Network

      On October 6, 2017, Cheryl Breukelman (Principal, Epiphany Coaches) sat down with Mike Saunders to talk about coaching and leadership development. You can listen on the Business Innovators Radio Network website or on YouTube (audio below).

      How to plan an awesome off-site company retreat and avoid an expensive field trip

      Leaders know that employee alignment, motivation, and collaboration are important prerequisites for maximized performance and retention. Retreats for specific teams (or for the entire company) are a common way for leaders to engage their people, get...

      What type of leader do you need to be right now?

      A lot of people think about who they want to be, and many business leaders think about what kind of leader they want to be.

      Leadership Essentials: How to give feedback without blaming

      Giving feedback is often a difficult, but necessary, part of leadership. Without informal assessments of their performance, your employees won’t know how they’re doing from day-to-day. Your feedback is essential to their growth and success in their...

      Extroverted & Introverted Personality Types: Myths & Reality

      The Myers-Briggs personality test is still one of the most widespread assessment tools used in business today. Based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, it sets out sixteen personality types that supposedly determine our strengths,...

      Video: The Myth of the Indispensable Leader



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