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      Success Story: 1:1 Coaching For a Leader in a New Role

      Gurdeep jumped into his new management position with energy and lots of new ideas. Six months in it was easy to see he was struggling. 

      His manager noted an increase in his impatient attitude with his direct reportsHis demeanor was coming...

      How to Get High Value from Executive Coaching

      Relationships are the new technology for success. Coaching supports leaders to be in good relationships with themselves and with others.

      A coach can definitely help. That said, you have a role to play in getting high value from the coaching...

      Ungrateful Worker or Biased Leadership? Which side are you on?

      I was working with a very smart, visionary, driven young business unit General ManagerAnsel originally reached out for help to ‘fix’ his second in command, George

      Hbegan the conversation by sharing the struggles he was having. He identified...

      How to Choose the Perfect Executive Coach

      The coaching relationship is a special relationship. It is a relationship that can only be successful if there is trust, openness and connection between the coach and the coachee.

      Standing in Solidarity With Our Asian Communities

      I am a second generation Canadian. My parents were born and raised in Canada. I am of European descent.

      What is the ROI of Coaching

      Human development, especially in a leadership context, is often subtle and gradual, punctuated by moments of profound insight.

      While the results of skills training can often be seen immediately, growing your leadership skills often takes years,...

      How to Grow Your High Potentials

      It’s one thing to identify a high potential employee on your team.

      It’s another thing to keep that person engaged!

      Coaching Wan: A High Potential Success Story

      Wan is a high performer in his Business Unit which is part of a large international engineering firm. From the time he started with the organization he proved to be a fast learner and embraced taking on more responsibility with bigger, more ...

      Identifying High Potential Employees

      HR professionals and other leaders have experienced significant shifts and challenges in their work environment and priorities as they respond and adjust to the events of the past year.

      Some organizations are thriving, some are sinking, and some...

      Coaching Kara: A High Potential Success Story

      Kara was a high potential employee who was a strong performer in the past. Suddenly, her performance was declining. The HR Business Partner felt that Kara was getting close to leaving the organization and that’s when she contacted us to seek...