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      'Winning With' or 'Waging War' – The Art of the Conversation

      In a coaching session with a senior executive last week we were exploring his frustration at not being able to influence the CFO at his company. His aim was to gain support from the CFO for a couple of his ideas for capital expenditures that he...

      How transparency can improve retention of Millennials & Gen Z

      One of the most urgent issues for many organizations is the retention of younger employees, who are needed to fill the leadership gaps left by retiring Baby Boomers.

      How to make the most of critical feedback

      One of the major shifts in business over the past decade has been a move towards transparency and openness. Having grown up in a more egalitarian & global world, people from younger generations have entered the workforce expecting clearly defined...

      Is corrective feedback “nice” or “mean”?

      Regardless of industry, role, and organization, all leaders eventually find themselves in a situation where they have to tell an employee that they are not meeting expectations.

      What is the ROI of executive coaching?

      One of the common misconceptions about coaches is that they are advice-givers and problem-solvers. In reality, coaching puts the client in the driver's seat: instead of giving leaders a one-size-fits-all solution, executive coaches support leaders...

      3 ways to have more strategic impact in a junior role

      One of the most exciting things about being a young professional today is the range of career opportunities that are becoming available. Over the past couple of decades, new technology has driven the development of new business models, new...

      New eBook Release: How to Create a Coaching Culture in Your Organization

      Since 2001, we’ve coached leaders in organizations at the forefront of the digital revolution, such as Microsoft and HP. Over this time, we’ve seen how the threat of disruption and the need to innovate have driven new ways of doing business.

      Why getting strategic about your succession planning programs will drive better results now and in the future

      In a recent survey by TalentQuest, 92 percent of respondents felt it was risky not to have a succession planning program for key employees. Yet only 25 percent of the companies responding to a Stanford University study indicated they have identified...

      Measuring benefits of leadership development programs - stronger performance, better business results

      An organization is only as good as the people it employs. In order to grow, innovate, and compete, companies in all industries have to ensure that their people have the ability to address the challenges and opportunities that come with change and...

      How leadership development programs help organizations attract and retain high potential employees

      High-potential employees are, plainly speaking, the future of any organization. In the present, they are the star performers who drive business results and bring new ideas to the table. In the future, they will be the ones to lead your organization...



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