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      For Overachievers and Perfectionists

      This blog is intended for leaders who are or who supervise overachievers and perfectionists. If you are not one of those…you may find it interesting anyway! 

      Extroverted & Introverted Personality Types: Myths & Reality

      A question we hear often is, “Who makes the best leader?” or “Is there a personality type that predicts the best chances for success in leadership? 

      Feedback for Success: Candor Without Blame

      Joe, you always show up late.” 

      Heather, you never speak up during meetings.” 

      Blair, your team is always late with their deliverables.” 


      How often have you heard this kind of feedback being delivered, or perhaps you hear yourself using ...

      Sustainable Leadership: How to “Turn it Off” When You Leave the Office

      Most leaders have a very hard time turning things off. We have heard even more struggle with this as people are working remotely. Not only does technology make it possible to stay connected all the time but their office is now only steps away.  

      How To Enhance Your Business Relationships Through Presence

      Business has changed significantly over the past 20 years. With the continuous growth of technology in the workplace, communication is one of the most affected categories. It has become exponentially easier to talk to people from all over the...

      Systems: Organizations Vs. Individuals

      You’re frustrated yet again over all the bureaucracy in your workplace... BUT before you throw up your hands and record it in your mind as yet another piece of evidence that the world is unfair, take a moment to step back to ask yourself a couple...

      The Power of Doing Nothing

      Recently, I received an email with some quotes from Maya Angelou. This one really hit home for me: “I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas...

      'Winning With' or 'Waging War' – The Art of the Conversation

      In a coaching session with a senior executive last week we were exploring his frustration at not being able to influence the CFO at his company. His aim was to gain support from the CFO for a couple of his ideas for capital expenditures that he...

      How transparency can improve retention of Millennials & Gen Z

      One of the most urgent issues for many organizations is the retention of younger employees, who are needed to fill the leadership gaps left by retiring Baby Boomers.

      How to make the most of critical feedback

      One of the major shifts in business over the past decade has been a move towards transparency and openness. Having grown up in a more egalitarian & global world, people from younger generations have entered the workforce expecting clearly defined...