3 Easy Evidence-Based Ways to Boost Wellness in Your Workplace

      As leaders continue to adapt their leadership style to a shifting environment, the topic of wellness has been coming up over and over again. 

      We have heard from many Human Resource professionals that they are getting more and more requests for support around this topic. 

      “But what does it look like in practice?”, one HR Director asked.  “We have employee programs that support getting massages, etc. however is there more we can be doing on a daily basis to support the wellness of our workforce?” 

      Create a safe space and be open 

      With the variety of new challenges employees are facing, one way to support wellness is to invite conversation around difficult issues and just listen. 

      Often times we feel we are not helping if we are not coming up with solutions to someone’s problem. The value of listening without the need to solve is very underrated skill.  

      This model introduces five levels of listening. Being able to operate at the fifth level, empathic listening, creates an unbiased, safe space for others to open up and feel truly heard. This level of listening takes discipline and practice to challenge yourself not to jump to solution. 

      Creating an unbiased space for people to talk about anything from workplace harassment, to challenges around working from home and career development builds trust and reduces stress for employees. 

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      Encourage mindfulness and reflection time 

      We have been challenging even the most skeptical of our clients to schedule reflection time into their calendar on a daily/weekly basis. This time is their thinking time.

      It is a time to be mindful about how they are showing up, what they are working towards and positive things that are happening in their day. 

      This article explores the crises of our current world and of driving ourselves so hard to take care of others and the business.

      "If [the business leader] spends all the time taking care of the corporation, [the business leader] does not have time for [themselves] or [their] family, but it is important to recognize that the business will profit if [the business leader] is more calm, more loving, more compassionate and understanding,"

      Mindfulness may be a buzzword right now. However,  scheduling time to reflect and be mindful has incredible benefits for the people they serve. 

      The feedback we have received from our clients on the benefits of this reflection time has been overwhelmingly positive. Some people have gone from very skeptical to now fiercely protecting their reflection time. That fierceness is a result of seeing the incredible impact in just a few weeks. 

      Implement mentoringpeer coaching and 1:1 coaching programs 

      We are involved in a couple of large-scale projects that are incorporating mentoringpeer coaching and external 1:1 coaching as part of on-boarding programs.  The feedback has been very positive from the participants regarding their ability to navigate their new world with a reduced amount of stress and anxiety. 

      When employees know that people are available to support their success, they can be more focused on learning and excelling in their role and less focused on the stress of trying to navigate their new landscape.   

      This study focused on providing mentoring and coaching to grad students. All participants reported it helped them to better cope with stress and anxiety, while enhancing their resilience. 

      There are many studies that affirm focusing on wellness has positive business ramifications for leaders and their employees.   

      Wellness in the workplace is no longer a ‘nice to have’ option, it is an essential focus that creates incredibly powerful personal and business results! 


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