Reflecting and Moving Forward

      Well, 2020 was a doozie!!! 

      It is the time of year we often spend in reflection…reflecting on the past year, assessing what we accomplished vs. what we said we wanted to accomplish, and then looking forward to what might be up and coming in the new year.  

      At Epiphany Coaches we were reflecting on the goals we set for ourselves back at the end of 2019surprisingly dealing with a global pandemic somehow never made the list! 

      We did however have some goals around upping our game in the coaching industry, seeking a higher level of excellence in supporting leaders and organizations, and being more vocal about the impact we are having and want to continue to have in the world! 

      Here are some reflections of what we accomplished… 

      • We won a Corporate Vision Small Business Award for The Best Global Leadership Coaching Company 2020 (we currently have 45 coaches on 5 continents; we have coached thousands of leaders over 20 years and over 100 large scale coaching programs in 70 countries) 
      • We WON Manage HR Magazine "Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Providers 2020 in North America"
      • We planted over 30,000 trees through Trees for the Future organization (  this year
      • We put out a call to our clients with a ‘special pandemic coach offering’ and through that we were proud to complete pro-bono team coaching and substantially subsidized 1:1 coaching to over 600 individuals to support them through this unprecedented leadership crisis. 
      • We donate to City Kids, Wesley, Shriners Christmas event and Trees for the Future consistently.

      The practice of reflection has many benefits. At Epiphany, our focus is on being in good relationship with yourself, with your team, and with your organization. And reflection is about that as well, reflection is a practice focused on building a better relationship with yourself. 

      I was speaking with a leader before the holidays and he was reflecting on his leadership over the past year. In completing this exercise of self-reflection, he was able to identify a couple of things he wants to continue doing because they had such a positive impact and a couple of areas where things that didn’t go as well as he would have liked.

      As opposed to sitting and feeling bad about the things that didn’t go so well, we explored why they didn’t go well, gained some learning from it, and then he was able to create a plan moving forward to address those things.

      His aha moment happened when he realized he didn’t have to just sit with being disappointed in what didn’t go perfectly…

      He can do something now to do a reset on those things and try something different moving forward. 

      This gave him renewed energy and in going back to those situations, being transparent about them with the people involved and identifying a different way forward he has vastly upped his leadership game.  

      What were your hopes and dreams at the beginning of 2020? 

      What challenges did you face? 

      What positive things did you accomplish last year?  

      What were the blessings in 2020 for you? 

      What did you learn about yourself? 

      What would you be extremely proud of to talk about at the end of 2021? 

      We’d love to hear your reflections and what’s on your 2021 list!

      “We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.”