2020: Authentic Leadership and Being REAL

      There are so many articles and books on leadership it is no wonder leaders are overwhelmed with what they should be focused on in order to be the best leader they can be in the year 2020.  It is easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to other leaders whose skills or traits we admire. Do these thoughts sound familiar to you...?

      “That other leader is such an inspirational speaker! She can really rally people around a cause. I wish I had that speaking ability...” 


      “That other leader has a way of promoting his successes and getting noticed. I wish I could speak up more...”


      “It seems the loudest person in the room gets the most attention. I wish I wasn’t so introverted...”

      Many executives are looking back at 2019 and setting new goals for 2020 and in our coaching conversations recently they have been reflecting on who they want to show up as in the new year.

      Overwhelmingly, when it gets down to the heart of the matter, most leaders just want to show up as themselves and it’s almost like they need permission to do that

      One leader I spoke with this week said his goal for 2020 is to show up real “with all my humanity, flaws and all.”

      Think about the effort that it takes to try to emulate someone else’s style or hide your flaws from others. You might be able to do it for a moment or a day but eventually you are going to tire of putting on a show and revert to showing up as you.

      I like what Wally Bock has to say in this article, “When the noise dies down and you stand back, you notice that great leaders do the same things over and over. They do them every day. They do them without calling attention to them. They do them without fanfare.” 

      Bock highlights that it is not about ‘the fanfare.” Great leadership isn’t about being ‘showy and flashy’, it is about showing up consistently.  And the easiest way to be consistent, is to show up as yourself, your true self, your real self!

      Here's a few short questions you can answer for yourself to set yourself up for success in 2020...if you decide to give yourself permission to show up as the real you:

      1. What 3 or 4 qualities will you be consistently demonstrating?

      2. What consistent messages will you be sharing with your team?

      3. How and how often will you show your appreciation of others?

      4. How will you demonstrate your humanity?

      We’d love to hear what commitments you are making to yourself as you move into this new year!