Why Coaching Should Be On Your 2021 Goals List

      For anyone who has set goals, whether they are really big ones or small ones, they will often talk about what makes them successful in achieving them…and almost always it has to do with accountability and having someone to talk it out withSomeone who is objective and will both champion and challenge them. 

      I was speaking with a friend who has a teenage daughter in her last year of high school. She has been trying to give her daughter lots of great advice about going for her goals without limiting her thinking.

      The other day the daughter came back from walking the dog and shared that she had run into an older gentleman on the road and stopped to chat. She was all excited that this gentleman asked about her and her goals and then gave her the advice to “just go for whatever it is you want, don’t overthink it just decide it and make it happen.  

      “Why is it when a stranger tells her exactly what I have been trying to tell her she gets all excited about that advice?”, my friend lamented. We went on to discuss the concept that it takes a village to raise a child, that it is important for a child to have other people in their life to learn from, things they might not be open to learning or listening to from a parent…because a parent, in a child’s mind, might have an ulterior motive. 

      Having objective people in your life, someone who is not your boss or your partner or your parentis so incredibly important. Someone who has no other stake in what you do other than to be on your side to help you move toward whatever goals you have set for yourself is key. 

      When we are exploring building a coaching program with an organization, inevitably the question comes up, “Well shouldn’t a person’s manager be able to coach them?” 

      The answer is always, “Yes, and…people need more than one perspective, more than one support person to help them grow. And not every manager has coaching skills as a top strength.” 

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      How a Coach supports your success

      Most people we coach share that the coaching relationship is key to their growth and development, for some in a small way and others in a big way 

      • “My coach helped me explore biases I didn’t realize I had that have been negatively impacting my ability to get promoted,” a client shared recently. 

      • “My coach helped me examine behaviors that have helped me be successful, and that I want to keep focused on and also ones that might be holding me back,” another client shared. 

      • My coach helped me see that my perspective on being candid was keeping me from having importanthonest conversations to help some people on my team be more successful. She also helped me brainstorm my approach to the conversations I want to have. 

      • “I can be very honest with my coach and myself during these sessions because I am not worried about being judged. When I am talking to my manager, I have a small worry in the back of my mind that something I say might be wrong and could impact my chances for promotions.” 

      Who do you have in your life that plays this integral role? 

      Who’s your accountability partner? 

      How could enlisting a coach this year for yourself and your organization help you achieve your goals quicker?  

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