Case Study: Using Vulnerability as a Leader

      Carter is a senior level manager in a national organization. Since the pandemic began, he has been forced to manage from a distance, no longer travelling across the country to various work sites, connecting with his team face to face.

      Over the...

      Using Fallibility As a Leader in Today's Workplace

      When was the last time you admitted making a mistake or admitted you are not good at something? When was the last time you asked for or allowed someone to help you?

      Do You... ‘Do You’?

      In conversation with several leaders over the past few weeks the topic of trying to ‘fit in’ and become a well-rounded leader has come up frequently. One leader was interviewing for a new position in a different department and struggled with...

      Leadership starts with you

      On January 21st, millions of people rallied in support of the Women’s March. While the ‘official’ march in Washington, DC drew a crowd of 500,000 people, it is estimated that 673 similar marches were held around the world.