Business Relationships & Collaboration Skills

      Imrie is a high potential leader who is in a middle management position in a large multi-national organization.  She is smart, driven and candid about what she wants to achieve. 

      Moving up the corporate ladder is definitely on her list. ...

      How To Keep Christmas Fun During Covid

      Ahhh December! For those around the world that celebrate some sort of December holiday, this is the month that can be super exciting, full of good cheer, and a time of fun family and friend connections.

      Or… it can be a very challenging month full...

      The Value of Generosity for Executives & HR Managers

      As we enter the season that is typically thought of with a focus on generosity it got me pondering my long term connection to the value of generosity.  

      How to plan an awesome off-site company retreat and avoid an expensive field trip

      Leaders know that employee alignment, motivation, and collaboration are important prerequisites for maximized performance and retention. Retreats for specific teams (or for the entire company) are a common way for leaders to engage their people, get...

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