Common Office Problems That Cause Workplace Frustration

      When employees are upset, it can throw a wrench in the vibe of your company culture. Improving that vibe is key to staff retention and increasing productivity. Feeling under-valued, left out, and overworked are the most common office problems that cause workplace frustration. Find out how to get your good vibes back.

      Poor Communication

      Set up a system of communication through your leadership team to keep your employees informed about company changes. Staff who are most invested in your business will want to know as much as possible about the operations. The more that employees know, the better they can do their jobs.

      Bad Office Infrastructure

      Office infrastructure includes everything from its design to the software used throughout the building. You may need to improve your building’s cellular reception with DAS so your employees can stay connected throughout the day. Further, this will help ensure that they can access your Wi-Fi from anywhere on the property.

      Lack of Reward for Hard Work

      Your employees want to be recognized for their hard work beyond the paycheck they’re entitled to. Find ways to recognize those who go an extra mile with awards. Further, if an entire department or team does well, throw them a party or give them all bonuses.

      Job Insecurity

      Staff want to feel like their jobs matter. When employees think they can be easily replaced, they don’t feel a sense of job security. Assure each employee that they bring something special to the table outside of the general role of the job. Remind staff why they were hired to be part of the team.

      Distracting Co-Workers

      When employees dread working with another employee, you may need to act. Whether the employee is talking too much, spreading gossip, or doing the bare minimum, it is important that leadership intervene on behalf of other employees. Try to work with the distracting employee to prevent termination.

      The most common office problems that cause workplace frustration are lack of communication, not being recognized, and job insecurity. Further, you should set your employees up for success by ensuring they are connected throughout the day and don’t have any distractions preventing them from doing their job.