Best Ways To Impress Your Boss

      A hard worker comes in many different shapes and sizes. But no matter what job someone works, there remains a crucial element in every work-related situation: impressing the boss.

      Your superior is one of the most important people in the workplace, and it’s equally important to show them you care about your position. Check out these best ways to impress your boss for career-promoting advice.

      Contribute Outside Your Role

      As simple as it sounds, aligning your efforts with the company's direction can do a lot for your work reputation. Contributing to other areas outside your role shows your boss that you care about the big picture of the company, and your coworkers.

      While you are proficient in your job, ask around if you can help others who are falling behind. This will show your boss that you’re efficient in your abilities and a team player whenever ready. It also wont hurt to gain a little credit with your coworkers.

      Engage Them Outside of Work

      Everyone’s human and that includes your boss. As silly as that might sound, many people forget that their supervisors might enjoy human companionship too. In this case, it’s not a bad idea to invite your boss over for lunch, dinner, or a leisurely activity—like golf.

      Use this as an opportunity to show your boss you’re creative both in and outside the office. For example, knowing how to prep your kitchen for a dinner party is important when inviting your boss over for a nice meal. It doesn’t hurt to try.

      Show Interest in Your Work

      While your work isn’t always the most exciting activity, showing interest in it can impress your boss more than you initially thought. People who only come in, work, and leave often fail to make the biggest impressions.

      This is because you fail to stand out as a token employee. Showing your boss that you’re interested in the work can show them how much you value your position in the company. Who knows, it might lead to a promotion.

      Be Transparent About Your Goals

      As humans we all appreciate honesty... Your boss is no different. Being transparent about your goals and ambitions is so important for your manager to know how to support you.

      By sharing your dreams, you let them know which areas to support you in, and your wins will look more impressive when your boss knows that you've been working towards them. By knowing what's important to you, your boss is more likely to think of you when a new opportunity opens up.

      What are you doing to stand out to your boss? Share your tips with others by leaving a comment down below!


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